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After you have bought weed from Highway 7 Recreational Marijuana Store, we suggest that you go to Puyallup, which as you will see in the map below, is not that far from a Puyallup Dispensary, but Highway 7 in Tacoma is the better choice all the way around since they have the best weed at the lowest prices you can find anywhere Click Here -Live Cannabis Menu

** (253) 486-8264 ** OPEN 365 DAYS A YEAR 8:30 AM – 11:30 PM 

Puyallup has a ton of Churches. Like a lot of them, so if you get too high and have a religious moment this place will cater to you. HOWEVER, unless you are a pilgrim to Puyallup or changing your lifestyle let’s focus instead on having some high times.

There is a lot of history in Puyallup and a plenty of Antique stores but I think the “Ace Pawn” shop is more the style of the traveling stoner at 212 S Meridian on the corner of Meridian & Pioneer. Get toasty and either buy some new, old video games or get rid of your old antiques. One man’s trash is another man’s treasure- that’s where smoking using cans came from, right? But you can also buy an antique firearm.

Now I am always partial to animals while high but this next one is great. Swing by “Sniffy’s Dog Salon” at3704 9th st SW Puyallup. It is a by appointment only dog salon where you can watch dogs get the finest of cuts so their fluffy hair doesn’t get in their faces.

Continue the hairy theme by getting awake again at “River Road BigFoot Java” at 1002-B North Meridian. The place sell a variety of coffee drinks and a bunch of Sasquatch-themed frozen drinks. I’d recommend Yummy Y’Orange Yeticicle because why wouldn’t I recommend something called the Yummy Y’Orange Yeticicle.

I know you can’t eat all day but you’ll have to grab something from “Happy Donut” 305 2nd St NE. It’s a small building but a town favorite. There are some once a year occurrence in Puyallup. It is the home of the Washington Fair and “Bumpy’s,” a great bar on its own, host an antique car show that is worth looking up. But year round a calm ripped walk on town founder Ezra Meeker’s mansion is always worth a peak.I always recommend a bar in a town because most people have friends who don’t smoke and I’d check out “Station U-Brew” on 211 W Stewart Ave. They make their own beer on the premises and have tastings, plus the man I spoke said they vary the closing hours so I think it gets rowdy into the late hours.

As you can see Puyallup Washington is a really great place to go and experience great recreational fun, after you’ve been to Tacoma and bought your cannabis products or cannabis Edibles for marijuana bud from Highway 7 recreational store that is.  

If you go ahead and use our suggestions and find a little more for yourself with Google.  We know you’re going to enjoy the time of yourself and had a lot of fun recreational fun in Puyallup with the help of  Highway 7.