Best Cannabis Dispensary in Olympia, WA

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After you have bought weed from Highway 7 Recreational Marijuana Store, we suggest that you go to Olympia, which as you will see in the map below, is not that far from a Olympia Dispensary, but Highway 7 in Tacoma is the better choice all the way around since they have the best weed at the lowest prices you can find anywhere Click Here -Live Cannabis Menu

** (253) 486-8264 ** OPEN 365 DAYS A YEAR 8:30 AM – 11:30 PM 

Olympia has so many weird, cool things to do especially for those of you travelling around with the aid of that dank, so here are some suggestions that we have for you to have a good time and enjoy the weed you bought from Highway 7, then go to Olympia, get high or use your medication, and some really cool and unique fun in Olympia, WA

I say eat first then walk and have some fun exploring, so start at THE OLYMPIA FARMERS MARKET 700 N CAPITOL WAY.  When people talk about cool farmers market sometimes the are blowing smoke. Sometimes people take me to Farmers Markets and I tell them: “This is a convenient store with no roof. This is boring.” But I say blow smoke and go to the Olympia Farmers Market;it has everything. Fresh food, restaurant, niche products make the Olympia Farmers Market an adventure in food rather than a trip for lunch. Although soap is now standard, for some reason, at Farmers Markets, you will still be blown away by River Dance Soap. But there’s music and even a whole section of woodwork products.

Next up is the Hands On Children’s Museum at 414 Jefferson St. NE. Touch exhibits, interactive stuff, enough said BUT in case you are worried the “Children” museum isn’t waked and baked for your arrival then I refer you to Adult Swim: Science of Eats. It is great.Fuel up at 108 Cherry Street in the Olympia Coffee Roasting Co. Lots pour over machinery which seems to be all the rage now.
Ok this next one is really just to see a store that only sells one thing, which I find fascinating. R.L. RAY VIOLIN SHOP on 925 STATE AVENUE. There are a ton of violins. Really weird to look at, and I guess you might need a violin. They might have violas but I’d call ahead- they aren’t the same thing.Last, hit up the Olympia Film society for nightly screenings of off the beaten path music documentaries and art house films…also Kungfu panda sometimes.
Olympia is the capitol of Washington State and one of the top cities to visit while you are here.  It is also just a short drive to Highway 7 Recreational Marijuana Store in Tacoma, so if you are coming to Highway 7 to purchase our marihuana to have fun in Olympia, or if you are already there and just need to find the best deals on the best weed to have fun back in Olympia, well there is a handy map above with directions because everyone should buy their medicinal marijuana or recreational weed from Highway 7 in Tacoma, WA.