Best Dispensary Near Mercer Island, WA

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After you have bought weed from Highway 7 Recreational Marijuana Store, we suggest that you go to Mercer Island, which as you will see in the map below, is not that far from a Mercer Island Dispensary, but Highway 7 in Tacoma is the better choice all the way around since they have the best weed at the lowest prices you can find anywhere Click Here -Live Cannabis Menu

** (253) 486-8264 ** OPEN 365 DAYS A YEAR 8:30 AM – 11:30 PM 

Getting Ripped and walking around with nothing to do is a time-honored tradition of those who use Cannabis. Fortunately, Mercer Island is so ideal for not being bored while being baked.

For this article, we are going to focus on a very small section on the North Side of Mercer Island, but stoners in Mercer Island should know there is no shortage of Asian food eateries and coffee houses on Mercer Island.

I would start your day by taking some edibles and heading up to “Denise’s Parrot Place”at 7641 SE 27th Street. They have “like a billion cockatoos”  according to the employee I spoke to. Getting baked and going to pet stores is the best, but a specialty pet store is amazing; seeing a variation of the same type of animal is a real trip. I asked how many birds were out and the employee would only answer if I could clarify what type of bird. With a little prodding, the man proceeded to list  pretty much every bird in the place. Stoners who have searched for pictures parrots and mostly know the animal from pirates will be relieved to know that “Denise’sParrot Place” has Two Scarlet Macaws (the classic parrot one sees on rum bottles). They also host  and raise infant eggs but those cannot generally be seen by the public. However, the bird I recommend you try to find is the Bare-Eyed Macaw. Look up a picture if you don’t believe me about it being amazing, otherwise just go to Denise’s; the employees are witty, fun and knowledgable and the employee I met says he raised the first parrot to “free fly” in Central Park(I am unsure what that means but him and that bird did it). They close at 6pm so make this the middle of your day or the start of your night.

Hey, let’s say you get a little paranoid being around animals from foreign shores. Well, why not get your lice removed?! Head over to “LICE KNOWING YOU” the award-winning lice removal clinic. The place’s logos are as colorful as a 90s Tv station branding. Even if you do not end up have critters on you, it’s nice to get checked and everyone can talk about whether we are all lice on an Earth shaped dog.
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Maybe you and you joint circle can actually keep an appointment, well blaze up and make an appointment at “Oh Chocolate” 2703 76th Avenue SE. If you have the munchies take the time to be patient and MAKE YOUR OWN MUNCHIES. “Oh! Chocolate” offers group lessons for Chocolatier. It is a little pricey at around $70 but in the end you will get to call yourself a chocolatier. A CHOLOATIER! It is a real word and you will be one of them. The classes start at 7:30 p.m. making it a great start to the night.
If you aren’t up for the whole lesson, liking their Facebook page will get you a free piece of chocolate.Last up is my favorite idea from all of Mercer Island and works great for ending a night of baked traveling  by baking. Head to “Zaw Artisan Pizza” at 7635 SE 27th Street. This place makes you a high-quality pizza that you or and your buddies take home and simply pop in the oven. This stuff is not delivery or DiGiorno, this is quality product. I recommend their Shroom’s Fest Pizza, read the description and even a dry mouth will water. HOPE YOU ENJOY THE HOT SPOTS! And Tell us about any we missed in the comments.As a bonus, there is a Horse Riding Academy on the South Side called the Mercer Island Saddle Club, but horses scare me a little so I have no idea if you can ride one high…probably don’t.
The point being is that you are sure to have tons of fun in Mercer Island after you have purchased marijuana from Highway 7 Recreational Marijuana Store in Tacoma, WA.  Once you get to your destination, well then, smoke your weed and have all the safe fun we know you will have in Mercer Island off of our pot.