Want to get excited about your trip around Issaquah? Get very high and go to “Triple X Root Beer” of Issaquah’s.

When you search for it online, you will get an older looking website that plays  a loud and sexy jazz song at you. On 98 N.E. Gilman Blvd. “Triple X Root Beer” has Car Shows constantly over the summer, but the restaurant in the middle is no joke either.

A vintage look to destroy all other vintage looks: It is covered in memorabilia from the 50s car and diner culture. Triple X Root Beer doesn’t necessarily make a place that looks like a drive-in diner, but seemingly packs a whole decade in one corner. Chicken Fried Steak Sandwiches and Fries complete the foodgasm. So get up, get high and let’s do Issaquah.

Weed culture has been a big supporter of big candy companies. Let’s face it, only big factories can satisfy those big sweet needs. I’ve  seen somethings. Saw a young lady eat a gallon of ice cream before the cold open in an episode of the Office. That being said, take to opportunity to make your munchies something special. So I say head on over to 255 NE GilmanBoulevard to “Boehm’s Candies.” Take a class in candy making, make candy or just buy candy.This quaint log cabin shaped store is a great place to get your sweet on. They even cater to sugar-free and other diet restrictions.

Speaking of doing it for yourself for supplies: Why not get some glass? Art by FireGlass Gallery and School on 195 Front St. N will teach you to blow glass and make that next piece. I don’t think there are pipe specific classes but you can figure it out. If not just walk around and see the cool work being done. I like to pretend people blowing glass are smoking lava pot.And for the end of the night? Well, I’d bet you’d want to a play.

Well, guess what Issaquah has it. Not only carrying Tours of big play but the Francis J. Gaudette Theatre on 303 Front Street North has original plays, classes, and kids productions.Lastly, end the night at 88 Front St S at the “Capri Cellar.” Drink off a piece of wood- – I know that sounds normal but it looks more like a tree than a normal bar and is really cool. Capri focuses on tasting menus and pairings. Great for trying food and wine when still stuffed from Triple X and Candy